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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 127  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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earthquake in the indonesian island of lombok at least one hundred thirty one people have been killed rescuers are struggling to reach all of those in need and residents in remote areas settle down jazzier they're running out of food and also medicine australia's most populous state has declared a major drought it's the dry spell in new south wales and more than fifty years affecting all eight hundred thousand square kilometers of the province a senior. figures been denied asylum in zambia after he was detained while trying to enter the country tendai biti is reportedly being deported back to zimbabwe he's part of the opposition m.d.c. alliance which is mounting a legal challenge against president. electoral victory last week those are your current top stories stay with us the stream is up next.
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hired by me ok and join the stream today we are joined by a superstar of afro beat me hootie with me talking about his music his commitment to activism and the inspiration for his latest album i really could be louder for me and his band will play some of his best known songs in the studio today and we want to hear your questions and comments join the conversation on twitter facebook and the al-jazeera live stream. femi kuti is one of the leading lights of african music over a forty year career he has fused jazz and funk to intoxicating effect having
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several grammy award nominations along the way his music is an inspiration to famous musicians including common and most stuff as well as younger african musicians starting their careers and he strongly committed to progressive causes not least to his work as a goodwill ambassador for the united nations children's fund now femi is touring his tenth album the recently released one people one walt ellis. i believe my eyes you will hear all the strain welcomed by those people who are into a famine kuti kongs that they haven't experienced that i have dipped into your instagram
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account to give people a little flavor so this was santa cruz california i'm just going to quit playing here so you can get the full effect of people. that look like adults cause what i notice is that the audience is a come to see you are so diverse it tells me something about afrobeat about how it reaches such a broad audience why you think you're able to do that i think probably is the character in the music of today because. i think i've been privileged to travel and use this as a direction to mold my music and so i think this reaches out to everybody and what
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i talk about happens in every nation really to police is the album one people want everybody can understand this. we talk about justice peace and love it's very simple catchy wars that. kindergarten kind of so i think this is what cuts across everybody i think our community would agree we got this from edward on twitter who says i believe families music is more optimistic and this latest album his messages are more about is more about inspiring the next generation to be competent and to unite for a collective good africa will be great again is one of my favorite so he mentions your latest album what is it that's made this different than the other i think age experience and maturity and then of course my children being a follower of how to really direct my thinking. your children calm down the you have to find answers and you have to find positive ones and school children you can't really be negative if you leave you feel that way so i'm even forced to now
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find solutions politically socially because my children demand this as a father from me so i have i think my whole life has changed and i think this probably have to give this about seventy percent to my children making me more responsible and only sell your son is playing or that i'm from brazil just have a look at my laptop everybody this is this is a matter and he's playing on this actual hour it was what this is that make it's the greatest feeling a father can have women period i think when your you see your son doing well not really too in your your line but just seen his smile being involved i mean it was. i don't believe is there a big award there love probably it was so emotional for me. i have to see people this picture here because. i've seen a lot of of images of you and your family and there's
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a picture here of you and your eldest one is a little bit young as he was nine and i just see love all i'm saying is this is love you're looking at him my dear me was. taller than me. but. it's so beautiful it's i mean life is so life is i mean those are the things i've made my music change because like this i go back in time and i see so my life goes quickly i see beauty in them in the world and i try to put this through my music before i was very i was a fighter you could see it with my music from the album's tracks like stories or even similar lives i was wrong or what happened to my father i was trying to live through that grunow and i want like i said be me father myself see my children grow up seen so much love around me or try to spread this around the world what goes on in my life you mention your father i mentioned your son this is
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a tweet we got bridging those two things this is someone who says as much as i think this comparison to your father. is not necessary his children i mean your children for me are doing a great job to me scientists said to carry on the legacy he might just bring and add a new flavor with it so people are recognizing that familial link there but i want to move on just a little to this because someone seeing the video we saw the very beginning of the show with the energy that you had there this person asks a question which i think it's on a lot of our minds how do you find the motivation to give us to almost free world class shows every week whenever you're in lagos at the do africa shrine you in your band have been doing this for over a decade and the quality of the craft on display each time is inspiring i think this has to do with them to decrease on love for my people understanding that there's a lot of poverty around me and the only thing i. contributes in the area where the shrine was billed was give people the privilege to just come in free and watch us
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and then he said to turn professional and the musicians around we have to understand that we shouldn't look down on the audience you never know who is watching you and so you have to respect it will be disciplined by a dr house will we have to give the same kind of energy and this will make us more professionally professional and so this was my location to the band i'm happy those that have stood beside me or with alongside me on the stand what i'm doing if you feel this with the audience so we have about probably a thousand people come in we can we can't just watch the band for free so i'm looking here is boulder colorado femi kuti in the positive force boulder colorado what is the difference in the show that you did there and the show that you would do at the shrine are you doing femi light when you're on tour and you do hardcore fans at the shining but the difference the difference is we were costumes and we're more professional on top. light hearted when we rehearse in yeah we put is like it's like an athlete you you have to put hundred percent of the competition
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starts you are flexible so we put like a thousand percent at the rehearsal when we want or even even make a mistake on stage you hardly hear and we can play around the mistakes we can joke about it because we have repeated it so many times so we are going to hear from you give one hundred percent in just a moment the first song on our show today no work no job no money but first let's hear from one of his fans i open coalescent us this comment about the impact of families at work. i love for me especially because he created his own nation of funky afrobeat blew our minds and we are connected very strongly with my generation and femi has beauty has worked very hard to maintain that for me the waffle be blunt you know since then he is music to me represents african conscious music tradition and he constantly reminds us that we should never settle for less money in the us long live fairly long live awful beats long enough ago thank you.
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the dumber than a. live oak i think nothing. to hold on to when contacting long. run we still hear the. words it up. to the. mike then when i
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find it difficult to get out of office. regarding glasses i'm going to get off the bottom of the. nominee of the car this is not a lot of the. night and. the long haul for long as they offer enough. vision up to get. a long three. while the longer you wait and drive me all the company on the ticker is the cause of all of the stuff going to the good and skills of the people because it's all feel. good thoughts all. the suffering enough. is enough and i. agree. to talk to you we have you are
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a. result of the goodness. well it's gone it's up on the case but it's not written out of the back and i picked it knocked it back to try to get all three. more to talk the way the morning. curry's the offering got their promises we got the from the soffits probably come. along they just tough enough to take the middle guy like three. teams are truly comfortable are. going to bring results.
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to the suffering of. dirty. dancing along the. front with so many. of the of the songs to. come out the insults to. the three.
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common faith down by me tell me which the branding. the band member said we can take them this is everybody just isn't everybody and that's our band leader where you're me. you have a lot by. keyboards and. dances. but she's different on stage and will get you here without going to see the for an impact of the dancing oh i want to talk about you act and you could hear that in that song every single song you sing i'm going to show an image and this is you doing some humanitarian work with the international rescue committee surrounding by kids who love you and i'm trying to think what is it that they're drawn to i'm going to show one thing first this is kind of musician do a bunch of kids. click play let's have a look. ok
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if they do nothing that was drawn to you what is it that you bring when you go out and you go out into the community and you say i'm going to use my my fame is what are you doing. i'm taking humility i'm taking my honesty and most importantly the music along with me i took my i took my musical instrument and i think they also meant a wall wondering what was in my bag and they could see what's me about what's in your bag so i opened it and. of course i think he realized it was a musical instrument is it politically and i was like all this was in my degree it was for. do some more and i merely you have to see the
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the suffering there is beautiful it's really heartbreaking and i wish i had a magic wand to just like change their lives and all i had was my musical instrument i didn't have enough money because they were very they were starving there and i thought all i could do was probably give them some pool play my musical instrument so i did play for them and then they said to follow me around like you i was in the studio is it by. under what those they said follow me everywhere i was going i said. it was really it was nice very joyful so here are a couple more people that would likely follow you anywhere this is to perkins who is watching you perform on the show and says it was electric then use energy as a rare rocking the extreme studio someone else writes dragon energy that's his hand or he says simply genetic pushing on the topic you were just talking about why people are following you this is a world publicist who says his music touches on the true story of nigeria and the need for nigeria means both young and old to read about and remember their history
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he also addresses societal issues like poverty unemployment and political issues like corruption on his songs those can always be popular topics. you're exposing corruption you're doing it through song these are serious issues that the lyrics that i wrote down differ. resources from africa in the last last fall we heard what's the pushback what do you face in terms of obstacles when you get up very difficult for you to get rid of preboard now these days i get the which is fantastic. what we build the strike it was we had lots of police raids and for a good eight years this was so hard to move into the shrine and i had to move in with my children and to build somewhere very safe for them on top of the building like a secret compartment where we were just having police raise after police raids and this went on for a good eight years but what this reminded me of my father so i stood strong many people don't realize all this happened in my life because i had like
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a complete blackout from the media the the government paid a lot of media people not to write about the raids or what was going on so it was a complete blackout in my life so but at this time i had i still had the opportunity to talk so unfortunately for the government i was still making my name was creating a big impact in san francisco miami wherever i was store in paris i mean i have very strong support outside the country and the people back home don't realize this because nobody really talks about it thank god for social media now i compose this shows and people like you talk to people on social media all the time they don't even believe is a. way to write. because i'm very tired or my english can be very bad. forgive me for bad people people who come to the shine now because it is famous because you are playing them because they love them or i was there i am so glad you see. first of all let's see him dancing everybody so you
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have to believe that even the president france will be dancing at the shrine of the irony of that this is a very limited. he was trying. to. be honest it's like you go i am here he's here is he sitting at the show i have a look at my laptop here and there's a there's a little secret so he's here you say very nice things about president mccall he's having a fantastic time the audience haven't you chad. is you obviously blonde it is and
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you don't like politicians because he was very honest i have to see he reached out to me and said he wanted to come to the shrine and many people like pretended they were bringing him and when i saw interest officials i wanted to calm here and watch june two thousand and two and what he what i got from him we spoke about the my great crisis he was willing to address africa's problem and princie and france's role and so the next time i have the opportunity i'll be speaking frankly with him on many of these issues that i'm very concerned about but he was very open he didn't have this kind of burial like or like a snob kind of thing and he he he insisted he wanted to come to destroying all the feedback like the war and he was like he even said it several times i was for him we could see in two thousand and two people pretend it was my father but to pretend it was because of my father and no matter how many times a mentioned my name they give credit to my father so i took it to another level well whether it's for me is still the pull simple it's a game we're playing africa has to be for you making a statement by saying could could see as the slowest so. it's fine for me the call
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my father my name the bottom line this rhyme is there for there must be one of africa and we want total freedom for africa to excel and i strongly believe given the opportunity africa will excel and will be their way of the world imagine we had real allies like in europe i mean can you imagine travelling from lagos to dramas but by train those kind of trees we see three hundred center kilometers per hour while the beauty africa will spread in the wall and this is what i see this is my dream with my music segue to this last question from someone also named family if you are not in nigeria. oh no. only here on twitter says please ask him what he thinks about near the duel generation of musical activism. in africa. i would want to be critical of the artist because we were all young and we bought their song that are very.
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outspoken these days i think i heard one of i can remember the names i think in fall i know his outspoken very few that are speaking out but what my the only thing i fear about is i wish more than picked up musical instruments because what happens in music is a serious law or medicine what happens when they get to my age and is that going green onboard another generation will come when the only reason you'll be relevant is eve you have something to offer for the next generation my father is important because he was a composer historian music you talk of people like miles davis dizzy gillespie your stevie wonder they are all irrelevant because the music is should be seen as medicine or law or in you know not a little grayer than this picture here with you and your fella but you're still going strong so we're going to end this show with another performance from the ferry thank you so much better when you land the positive force. a one people one
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world that's the live thing over on his latest album and while he gets set up let's hear from angelica joe another african music legend who's touring with sammy and had this to say are you working the family for somebody recently also as you said goodwill ambassador before us we've been working on many issues and his image his honesty has always come across very strongly and most importantly being the son of a legend is easy but he kept the torch very high by keeping him making up for it really for more than forty. want to be the one with the well in the. lead in the list of all the come. up.
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with the. well in the lead. that sounds a lot to francis. beats the let's just let's raise it's the last of the good stuff you. know nothing.
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now the lace on the cycle teeth i was almost the tease on the far right because it's not responsive lindsay. the well i know nothing. this is the first the place of the head space the guy with the rights abuses which place one of. the.
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hardest kind of pompousness. a firebrand could be a focal plane when i was talking about that same thing for women's liberation. saying victory for anybody sexual assault continues i'm not comic feminist and seminal writer i'm waiting for solution yes we need to do something while. i'm not ok with hot made he has sand goes head to head quick. i can't do anything else
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on the i'll just leave. the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is a part of life it's culture every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking story and this happened was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told through the eyes of the world journalists images matter a lot international politics joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most the big
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third if someone from the country who guides you who needs you to this story of the byline tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. hello there i'm julie we don't know that here in london our current top stories on al-jazeera we begin with some breaking news rockets have been fired from gaza into the israeli city of steroids the israeli air force has struck several targets in gaza hitting hamas facilities andrew symonds is in gaza for us and joins us live there and what's the latest on there casualties and damage or julie there is a pretty mixed picture in terms of the casualties and damage because this is moving so quickly in the past few minutes there have been at us.


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